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Synergy. Energy. Vision. Entrepreneurship Network

February 21, 2024, Godfrey hosted the first of many black business networking events at Godfrey's Flagship. In an effort to grow the group and support the business owners of Central Mississippi, a new networking event will be held once a month.

S.E.V.E.N., standing for Synergy Energy Vision Entrepreneurship Network, is a dynamic Black business networking group aimed at fostering economic growth and development within the state of Mississippi. Its mission is to empower Black entrepreneurs through collaboration, resource sharing, and strategic partnerships. By creating a supportive ecosystem, S.E.V.E.N. seeks to enhance the visibility and success of Black-owned businesses, driving innovation and economic prosperity throughout the region. The organization focuses on building strong networks, offering educational opportunities, and advocating for policies that support the growth of Black entrepreneurship.

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Meeting #1
Godfrey's Flagship Restaurant
712 US-80, Flowood, MS 39232

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